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Meet the Team That Helps You Sell Your House with No Fees

Neil Whiteley-Ross

Owner of the company

Meet Neil Whiteley-Ross, the dynamic founder and CEO at Timber Coast Properties, renowned for facilitating fast cash home offers and seamless property transactions. With over three decades of extensive real estate experience, Neil is your go-to expert for the easiest way to sell your home, especially in complex situations.

Under Neil's leadership, Timber Coast Properties shines as a leader in the real estate industry, offering unique solutions like "sell your house no fees" to ensure you keep more of your sale's profit. Our approach combines professional acumen with a personal touch, streamlining the process to get a cash offer for your home swiftly and reliably.


Driven by a passion for helping homeowners in need, Neil and his team at Timber Coast Properties specialize in fast-track property sales. Whether you're looking to sell your house with no fees or need fast cash home offers, our commitment to service and efficiency sets us apart. We ensure that each client can move forward with their life as quickly as possible.


At Timber Coast Properties, we understand the urgency of financial constraints and the desire for a quick sale. That's why we're dedicated to offering you a cash offer for your home in as little as 7 days, making it the easiest way to sell your home. Our promise of no fees means you maximize your financial return, making your selling experience better and faster.


Let Timber Coast Properties be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the real estate market. With Neil Whiteley-Ross at the helm, rest assured that your home sale will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Experience the ease of working with a leader in quick house sales and get a cash offer for your home today.

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Discover How to Get a Cash Offer for Your Home Quickly and Easily

Our Services:

At Timber Coast Properties, we offer streamlined solutions for homeowners who want to sell your house no fees involved. We specialize in providing fast cash home offers, ensuring a quick and hassle-free process. Our expertise allows us to bypass the usual obstacles of selling a home, such as long market listings and expensive repairs, making us the go-to choice when you need to get a cash offer for my home.

  • Quick Cash Offers: We deliver a fair cash offer for your house typically within days. Our valuations are guided by our in-depth market insights, which is why we’re known for our fast cash home offers.

  • Fast Closing: At Timber Coast Properties, we align with your timeline, offering the possibility to close the sale in as short as a week. Our efficiency supports our reputation as the easiest way to sell your home.

  • No Repairs Needed: Sell your property as-is. Our sell my house no fees service ensures you don’t have to deal with the typical hassles of home selling, such as repairs and renovations, allowing a straightforward transaction.

  • Zero Commissions or Hidden Fees: We pride ourselves on transparency. With us, there are no hidden costs—just clear, honest business, making us the easiest way to sell your home for cash.

Our Commitment:

Our commitment at Timber Coast Properties goes beyond mere transactions. We focus on building trust and upholding a high standard of ethics. Backed by our Expert Insights, our team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you are confident and well-informed at every step toward getting a cash offer for your home.

Connect With Us:

Contact our expert team today to discuss your real estate needs. At Timber Coast Properties, your peace of mind is our top priority. Experience the difference with a team that values integrity, efficiency, and personalized care. Let us make getting cash for your house simpler than ever.

Navigating life after losing a loved one can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you need to handle assets like a home. When I faced the challenge after my mother's passing, Timber Coast Properties provided immense support. They extended a fast cash home offer, easing my burden during this tough time.

Reaching out to them, their team displayed utmost compassion and professionalism. They swiftly managed to get a cash offer for my home, ensuring the process was stress-free, making it the easiest way to sell your home. Their guidance was clear at every step, answering all my concerns without any fees involved, a true "sell your house no fees" experience.


Timber Coast Properties proved to be more than just a business; they were a comforting presence during a pivotal moment in my life. They offered a reliable and fast solution to sell my house no fees attached, which was financially relieving. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a cash offer for their home quickly and effortlessly. If you seek a fair and rapid home selling process, Timber Coast Properties is your go-to partner.

Bobby Lewis

Portrait Man
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